Professional Multi-Track Recording, Editing and Mixing of Your Podcast

Invest your time and efforts on running your business. Leave the Podcast Production to me.


What I do


Equipment and Recording

Great audio begins with choosing the right equipment. Here’s a simple equation: Great Content + Bad Audio = Minimal Listeners. One of the best ways to bring VALUE and CREDIBILITY to your podcast, is with great audio. There are a lot of options out there, but I can help simplify your options to make your purchasing decision much easier. Or we can use the equipment I own, for mobile, on-site and remote recording. Click the “Contact Me” button below for more information.


Engineer and Produce Podcasts

Once the podcast is recorded, I’ll clean it up, remove any annoying background sounds, edit, mix and master the audio file. Engineering and Producing are two different tools used in the  production process.  Depending on your podcast needs, we can talk about how I can assist in one or both of these areas. My goal here is to provide you with an immediate R.O.I. of your TIME with fast turn around of audio files, along with clear, honest and transparent communication. Are you interested in knowing more? Then click the “Contact Me” button below.


A Great Experience

As my son says, “when you like what you do, it’s more fun for you”… and I agree. Everyone has a gift, a talent or special ability and when you have the opportunity to “work”, using those gifts, great things are created. Miti Productions offers businesses the opportunity to partner with a company that knows its strengths, enjoys the process and works relentlessly to provide you with Great Audio. If you’d like to know more, click the “Contact Me” button below.

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