Why Host A Podcast?

5 reasons Why You Should Be Hosting Your Own Podcast

1. Podcasting Is A Great Addition to Your Marketing Mix

  • it integrates well with all of your digital marketing platforms
  • you can create different types of content for customers to engage with
  • promote your social media channels and use them as a conversation piece

2. Client Relations & Community Building

  • podcasting is like a one-on-one conversation with your client and community
  • an effective way to put your clients on a pedestal and acknowledge them
  • create content that addresses FAQ in an informative and entertaining way

3. A Means of Generating Income

  • this takes time, but is well worth it once you establish your audience
  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliates
  • Direct Sales

4. Establish Yourself or Your Company As an Expert In Your Field

  • the collective knowledge of the people at your company is priceless
  • share your wisdom, experience and business savvy with your listeners
  • build up a valuable library of content

5. Promote Your Products and Services

  • re-purpose your show content into e-Books, blogs, marketing articles and more
  • no additional cost to promote other services you offer on your own podcast
  • land higher profile speaking engagements while building your audience



Growing your company is a by-product of sharing your passion and helping others.

Not everyone is ‘fortunate enough’ to be on television, the movies or radio, but guess what? It is possible for YOU (the true professional) to amplify your influence and become an authority in your field by means of podcasting.

The power of the spoken word… Deep down we know that podcasting is one of the best ways to showcase your experience, knowledge and expertise. And most importantly, HELP PEOPLE. Your listeners will develop an intimate bond with you as they listen to your podcast. There is an emotional connection that you will create with your audience that will last as long as you continue to create valuable, honest and authentic content.

People listen to podcasts because they’re interested in a topic, or someone tells them to ‘check it out’. They subscribe and keep coming back because of the host and because the podcast is useful, entertaining  and/or improves their life. Podcasting is an intimate medium. People feel like they know the host of their favorite podcasts, they trust the podcaster because they show up week after week to deliver good and valuable information. Grow your company and audience by delivering valuable, authentic and honest content.

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