Podcast Production

Before you can begin recording episodes we’ll guide you through the process of creating and launching your show:

  1. First, we make sure your show is planned properly to reach your goals. Planning involves discussing and deciding your purpose, strategy, target audience, discussion topics, episode frequency and length, show name, show logo, theme music, guest booking, your audio setup, internet connection, marketing strategies, etc.
  2. Next, we complete the pre-launch technical setup which includes creating your podcast RSS feed, integration with your website, setting up media hosting, and creating your show’s directory listing with Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher and more.
  3. Then we’re ready to schedule recordings sessions and away we go.


It’s important to have a solid foundation, goal and strategy with your podcast. Sure it’ll be fun, but we’ve got to be focused on what we’re trying to accomplish.

Recording your Podcast

Your Audio Setup

At MiTi Productions, we make sure you have a great sounding audio setup at your office and/or home. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot, either. We will help you choose your gear and help you set it up, too.

Quiet on the set!

Finally, it’s time to record an episode of your podcast show. You connect with MiTi Productions over the internet from your office or home. We complete the sound check for both you and your guest(s) and now we’re ready to record. Once the recording is done, as mentioned before, we fine tune the audio, edit, mix and master the file getting it ready for the upload.

On the move, online and over the phone

Sometimes circumstances dictate that you have to leave your office or home to get the interview. Don’t worry, at MiTi Productions we have mobile equipment to assist you in completing that interview on-site with high quality audio equipment.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone you wanted as a guest lived in your home town? Well that’s not the world we live in, now a days you’ve got to be able to connect with people wherever they are in the world. Fortunately, with services like Squadcast and Zencaster, there are plenty of ways to get good sounding audio from your guest regardless of where they’re located.

Introduction to the world

Launching Your Podcast

After your podcast is recorded, we’ll go through the detailed process of optimizing the sound, mixing, editing, processing, mastering, leveling, tagging, and then uploading to your media host. Then the audio is ready to publish and promote far and wide!

Let's get started

Click the link below to contact MiTi Productions and take the first step towards creating a podcast that helps to establish your authority in your field of business, provides you with an additional means to help others and grow your company by promoting your own products and services with out additional marketing costs.